Really bad network in Inala QLD


I’m working in Inala plaza. The signal is really bad.In the after noon, there is no 4G,and the 3G is also useless.No connection at all.


A thief was in my shop and I wanted to call the police.But they can even hear my is really bad when something emergency happening ,and no signal to call the police.


please do something.

Re: Really bad network in Inala QLD


Current tower fault there as per:

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Re: Really bad network in Inala QLD


Hey Hush_Hush. 

Viewing the current status using the link that Paddy provided I can still see there's maintenance to the tower closest to Clipper Street. It began last week and will run until the end of the month, this could affect some of the performance of the service. You might need to switch to 3G during this time period to help boost the network when you're at work and in the general area. Again, sorry about the downtime.

If you have any further questions, please let me know Smiley Happy

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