Believe me, given half a chance I'd make a sign at Optus and everyone in their circus... It only involves one finger and it's so simple even Optus would understand it.


But tbh the only sign that I believe will resolve this issue is me signing my name... On a contract with Telstra. 


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That's what I mean mate, a stand by signing up with Telstra 



That's my point mate we should all set a sign be doing that 

Re: Optus RCS messaging


I hope there's not a large delay. I would really like this feature before Google shut down allo early in 2019. 


I'm a bit disappointed in the slow roll out. 😭

Re: Optus RCS messaging


Optus have always been behind the technology 8 ball.  Their network engineering seems to really struggle to keep up with latest technology, whilst Telstra seem to nail it .


I guess you get what you pay for.  Optus seem to be able to deliver a basic phone/data service and struggle with much else .



Brilliant, still no response from Optus at all.

Promised over a year ago, I guess we'll have to wait another year for a reply.



Yep, and sadly this is yet another example of how utterly pathetic their customer service has become 


Aside from RCS and the benefits that it offers not only the consumer market, but business also, the most concerning thing here (in my opinion) is that Optus is clearly no more likely to stand by commitments made to the GSMA as it is its customers 


I find that absolutely atrocious. Optus aren't just letting down their customers, in this case they're breaking a promise made to support interoperability between carriers across the rest of the globe. 



As soon as I'm back in the office, I'll push for an update on this one.


There's often plenty of things happening in the background, that I'm simply not made aware of.


I find that there's a hesitance to announcement support for functionality that's still under testing etc. 


Optus prefer to make these sorts of announcements formally. The first communication will more than likely come through PR/Media page. 


There's been many an occasion where I've been convinced that we wouldn't be offering something, only to receive a brief explaining the details of the launch.


As I've promised in the past, as soon as I have something of value to offer - I will update you guys here. 



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I can't and won't speak for anyone else @Dan_C but my feeling on this subject now is don't bother wasting your time. 


I understand your position and that you're trying to help but let's be honest, it was 2016 (if I'm not mistaken) that Optus pledged support for RCS. And nearly 3 years down the line, not only do we still not have access to a technology that most of the western world has had for months (in most cases, years), we have a telco that clearly has no technical direction, deployment strategy or even the ethical and moral standards to deliver on its promises. 


And let's not forget, customer service that is so dismal that I question whether Optus actually know the meaning of the term 


Comparatively, we pay a hefty premium in Australia for substandard mobile plans with substantially lower than average data allowances and poor network coverage and reliability. I guess if nothing else Optus is at least consistent; we can now add a complete lack of customer service to the list of standard offerings on all Optus plans. 


Great work Optus, awesome way to show your appreciation for your many loyal customers! 


I have less than a month to wait before porting my number away from Optus and advise that everyone else do the same. 




Any update on this?....

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