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Problems with 3G and devices


I used to get the internet at home via the Huawei E5186 wireless modem. It was always of poor to fair quality but recently it just stopped working. Eventually I was told that the problem was a weak 3G signal from the towers. The Optus person said she will send off a “reporting” request but that can’t promise this will fix the issue. So my solution has been to sign up to an ADSL service. 

My concern now though is that my iPad Pro has stopped connecting to 3G and 4G via the mobile towers as well and I’m worried my phone will be next. 

I don’t really understand what’s happening and would appreciate any useful advice. Thanks in advance. 

Re: Problems with 3G and devices

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That seems a bit strange that your E5186 and iPad is struggling to connect but your phone is still working. Having said that it's been my experience that data is often affected more by very low signals than actual phone calls. Have you had a look at the service status page below as there may be some activity on your local tower that is causing the problem. Does that E5186 have the facility for antenna as that may be an option for low signals.


Re: Problems with 3G and devices


Thanks for your ideas. 

Ive since found out there is an issue with my iPad after the last update the cellular data and sim details are missing. There is a remedy for this thankfully. With luck this should sort it out. 

Re: Problems with 3G and devices


Hi @Milkweed - you can check for reported faults and planned maintenance on our Network Status page. Or if you can send through your suburb/postcode, we can take a closer look into the network and provide more insight.

Re: Problems with 3G and devices


Thanks, I’d be very interested to know more about what’s happening in my area. My suburb is Heidelberg West 3081

Re: Problems with 3G and devices



There are 8 towers in the Heidelberg West area, 3 of which are currently going through upgrades scheduled to complete on the 08/10. 

Closer to park-lands there are a few areas in which have quite low coverage. The most impacted area is Derebin Creek at the CH Sullivan Memorial Park, more North of Heidelberg West. 

If you're located closer to Rosanna & Macleod, this are is also a little impacted. The good news is, the whole area is expected to go through upgrades over the next 3 months to a number of higher 4G frequencies, so you can expect for things to improve. 


If you'd like to send your full address through via private message, we can let you know exactly what to expect at your address. 

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