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New Contributor roger156
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Prepaid Roaming

Hi there, I purchase a prepaid sim card at Coles and will be going to New Zealand. 

Will this sim card work there? 

Will it automatically start roaming and if so, how is this charged given it is prepaid? (Will I be sent a bill somehow?)

What are the costs if there any?


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Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Prepaid Roaming

Yes roaming works in NZ. The link below suggest that roaming is automatically activated with prepaid and I assume the cost of calls would come out of the available credit. You might want to verify this via the Optus app as it should show the roaming status. You may also want to consider a travel pack as roaming charges are expensive. If your phone is not locked to the Optus network (most prepaids are) you may want to look at a NZ sim card when you arrive.