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I am attempting to port my prepaid sim number from optus to telstra as I live in Darwin and Optus does not provide adequate phone coverage in remote areas OR even within the hospital. 

The port request has now been sent 3 times and each time Optus has rejected it. When I check with both Telstra and Optus they both say that it must be a computer glitch and there does not seem to be a valid reason why the transfer would be rejected. 

This has now taken up at least 6 phone calls, over 2 hours of my time and more than 2 weeks with no resolution and both providers deny there is any issue and continue to replay the same process of resubmitting the port and telling me 'there is a high probability it will work this time'. I am getting sick of going in circles.  

Very unimpressed. 

Has anyone else had a similar issue and been able to resolve it?

Re: Porting from Optus to Telstra


Generally as long as you are providing the new provider the correct information and you have checked that the losing carrier has your information on file correct e.g. you are the Account Holder, Date of Birth and the service and account number are correct that is all it takes.

There are hundreds of ports in/out and if there was an issue on our side of customers trying to leave but being unable to we'd definitely know about it. As biased as this may sound, Telstra probably need to be working a little harder behind the scenes to resolve the issue to gain a new customer.

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Re: Porting from Optus to Telstra


Hi Ray_YC, when I spoke with your Optus colleague on the phone again this morning they once again confirmed to me that it is indeed a 'technical glitch' from the Optus end (not Telstra).


Thank you for your response. I will ensure it is included with my report to the telecommunications ombudsman.

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