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Poor signal inner eastern suburbs VIC

Hi all,


I have currently joined optus mobile with a Samsung S8, I live in the burwood/blackburn area. My average signal strength from home is approx -100db. Is this normal for this area?


Also, i travel everyday towards the city via train on the lilydale line between Canterbury and Flinders street. Whilst on my phone the 4G and data will constantly drop out during the duration of my journey. Is this kind of coverage expected on trains for all telcos or is it only Optus users affected?


Best regards,

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Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Poor signal inner eastern suburbs VIC

There appears to be many towers out to the south of Burwood and many towers currently being upgraded to the east right through to Blackburn. This may explain poor coverage in some areas however if my memory serves me correctly venturing off to the north, north east of Burwood there are some fairly radical dips in the terrain that probably wouldn't help.


Train travel is often hit and miss from what I have read however my own experience on the Glen Waverley line on both Optus and Telstra was pretty crap on the data side of things however that was a while ago and things have probably improved.