Poor network coverage in Medowie


Mobile network coverage in Medowie (near Newcastle airport in NSW) is lousy.  Voice calls connect, but the other party only hears a small part of what is said, and data is mostly unusably slow.  This is despite there apparently being an Optus tower there and flies in the face of the latest Optus TV advertising which promotes good coverage.  The coverage map suggests good coverage, but itself is erratic, with varying results depending on very small movements on the map.  Passing by Medowie on Richardson Road on the way in and out of Port Stephens, calls drop out all the time.


Is anyone ate Optus aware of these issues and when will coverage there be brought up to a reasonable level?  By the way there are major land developments under way in the area and a planned large increase in the number of staff at Williamtown RAAF base, and hence living in the local area, so this really needs urgent attention.

Re: Poor network coverage in Medowie


Hi there,

Have you completed any troubleshooting with your mobile to rule that out? i.e. reset network settings, try SIM in another phone, etc. 

Regarding providing this valuable feedback back to Optus, if you aren't already, we suggest using the My Optus App. 

Tap on More in the bottom right hand corner
Tap on App Settings
and enable the Network performance feature

The app will report back to the Network team your signal strength, connection speed, what mobile phone towers you're connected to based on your location, etc. Assuming you're not the only one, the more users the better.

You can also read about the Mobile Blackspot Program.

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Re: Poor network coverage in Medowie


Hello Ray,


Thank you for your reply.  I have now turned on the network monitoring in the MyOptus app on my phone, but have only been back to the location once since then.  It was off previously because of the extra drain it puts on the battery.


I worked for Optus for 17 years and interacted with the Networks specialists regarding coverage issues on several occasions, including detailed analysis of antenna angles and radiation patterns.  I am now retired, but I still know how to set up an iPhone!  The problems with Optus coverage in the Medowie area are legendary - it is not just my experience.  This is despite Optus having a tower in the area.  Perhaps it is not set up correctly or perhaps there are handover issues from other cells.  Perhaps there is interference from other sources.


Within my own family, we have 4 Optus phones.  Two are iPhones (6s and 7) and two are 4G Samsung devices.  They all have the same problems in the Medowie area.  The other family member, who lives in Medowie, has changed to Telstra in order to get a reliable service.  


What is the biggest shame is that Optus continues to be so defensive and makes it nearly impossible for customers with legitament coverage issues to be heard and acknowledged.  The current TV advertising that promotes price and coverage just rubs that in our face.  It’s time for the management there to defocus on sport and put their attention to how the company interacts with its customer base at a service quality level, not just during the sales process.

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