Poor Reception (Richmond & Box Hill, Victoria)




Just wondering if anyone else is having reception issues, internet problems and call dropouts in the Richmond to Box Hill suburbs. The following is what we have tried:

  • reset phone (no success)
  • rebooted phone (no success)
  • replaced SIM card (no success)
  • bought a new phone (no success)
  • tried someone else's SIM card (works perfectly, so it can't be the phones problem, especially since its a new phone)
  • contacted optus support at least 10 times in 6 months (and be provided with no proper explanation on why this is happening)

The following is the remaining things we haven't done:

  • switch to a more reliable provider

Re: Poor Reception (Richmond & Box Hill, Victoria)


Might be worth getting a prepaid SIM from another telco and testing that properly for a month first (Not sure how long you tried the 'perfect' working one - I assume it was another telco)


Set call forwarding on your current number to the prepaid and see how it goes.




Peter Gillespie

Re: Poor Reception (Richmond & Box Hill, Victoria)


Thanks for reaching out to us @themervak.


Could you confirm trying on alternative SIM, was this also with the Optus network?


If so, this maybe account related. Could you please confirm your mobile number, full name and DOB via PM?




Re: Poor Reception (Richmond & Box Hill, Victoria)


Thats a good suggestion. Thanks for that. We'll try doing that.

Re: Poor Reception (Richmond & Box Hill, Victoria)


Morning Mariano,


Thanks for confirming your details here.


When travelling in Richmond and Boxhil, are there specific addresses where you don't find network? We'll take a closer look from there.





Re: Poor Reception (Richmond & Box Hill, Victoria)


It is usually quite patchy (ie. call dropouts, internet losing connection) from Footscray station to Flinders Street station. It is most prevalent when I take the train from Flinders Street station to Box Hill station line, especially around Richmond station and Box Hill station. At the Box Hill hospital, I usually have a useless phone as I have no reception or internet. Other co-workers who are on the Telstra and Vodaphone network appear to have no issues while at the Box Hill hospital.

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