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New Contributor ozziejoe
New Contributor

Poor Mobile Coverage 221 Miller Street North Sydney

I am writing on behalf of the Quest Hotel staff in the building at this address.
Optus coverage is poor and mobile services virtually unuseable inside this building.

Has Optus got any means to improve reception so to alleviate this issue?

The other networks have good to excellent coverage at this address.

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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: Poor Mobile Coverage 221 Miller Street North Sydney

Hi ozziejoe,

Thanks for raising this issue.

When we check out Coverage Map at that address, the results return that indoor coverage should be great (although you have to enter the device being used so that may be a factor).

However as you say there may be an issue if there are multiple reports from staff/guests. Generally the building manager would need to contact Optus Technical Support. From there they may need to contact the Optus Engineers team to investigate on site to check the internal building coverage device (assuming there is one). 

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