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New Contributor Beau389
New Contributor

Poor 4G coverage and phone keeps dropping out



I moved two phones over to Optus from Telstra 3 months ago and have suffered poor coverage at my house.


I live on Edinburgh Road in Willoughby, the phone connection is very poor quality all the time and the internet keeps on jumping between 3G and 4G.


I work from home and this is very annoying, starting to regret moving to Optus.


Can you check what is wrong with coverage in this area and what can we do to improve the coverage?

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Crowd Champion Davelew
Crowd Champion

Re: Poor 4G coverage and phone keeps dropping out


It would seem the house you live in has poor Optus mobile reception as in my house I can't get decent reception from Telstra although other houses in the street do get good reception.

The only thing that may help, besides changing providers, is to set your phones when in your house on 3g only. Go to your SIM settings on you phone and you will see the option there.

If you do decide to change providers I would always recommending getting a cheap prepaid SIM from that provider and give it a week to see what reception is like.



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New Contributor Gennysmith
New Contributor

Re: Poor 4G coverage and phone keeps dropping out

I have faced this issue in my Lumia which is developed with the Windows but it was due to the error code. 

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