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New Contributor Mundayk
New Contributor

Personalise Data Usage Alerts

Just curious why can't you set what percentage you get the data usage alerts? I personally think you should get a warning at say 95% instead of 100% because what's the point of telling me I've gone over when an alert "before" going over would have been a better warning which is the only reason Optus give these alerts as they're legally required to give "warnings/alerts". 


I also no longer receive the 50% or 85% warnings so never know when to start "watching" my data because as far as I know I haven't even reached 50% yet... there should also be an option to just turn off auto-top up as thats the biggest rip off there is as I've yet to meet anyone who "uses" the extra 1GB because once you get the warning you've gone over you turn the data off.


AND the App which lets you monitor the data seems to conveniently stop working or "have issues" when you're nearing your limit so you can't check/watch your data usage anymore. I really think the consumer watchdog or someone needs to get onto telecommunication companies and have them give the option to personalise your "alerts" or turn off "auto-top up".

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Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Personalise Data Usage Alerts

What sort of phone is this as many phones have this facility built into the OS under settings / data usage. The new versions of Android (second and third pic) have it under connections / data usage. If you set your billing cycle in conjunction with the amount of data you have you can set a warning and a complete stop of your data usage.


...and the thought just crossed my mind that you are not talking about a mobile phone. Smiley LOL








Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Personalise Data Usage Alerts

Agree totally @Mundayk,


@Yeldarb gave a great run down on how to protect yourself on your local device, but as he ended it may not apply in your situation. But the point is that the customer should not be having to protect themselves from their Telcos charges.


It definitely requires regulation and oversite as all Telcos have a huge conflict of interest when it comes to ecess usage fees. A very large portion of their revenue comes from such fees. All telcos could get rid of the problem tomorrow if they wanted to. As with pre-paid services they let the customer decide how much data they want and if they want more they can make an informed choice to top up further. On post paid accounts they provide wishy washy usage alerts (legally mandated but can be anything up to 48 hours (and beyond) late). 


FWIW Optus did used to let you set personal limits on usage online, however the amounts were essentially useless (like a warning at 100Mb and 200Mb) - the option disappeared.


Peter Gillespie

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