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Can anyone please advise me asap of the best option when going overseas ? I'm leaving at short notice and I've got a contract with Optus, so not PAYG. I'm asking as right now the whole Optus system is on-line chat, no working links, can't buy anything, no staff to answer phone inquiries, nothing. Even the customer service guy at my local Optus retailer said 'Optus is $%^& for overseas". I'll be off to Vodafone when this is over I can tell you. 

Re: Overseas travel


Where are you going? For How Long? When?


Have you looked at what overseas calls are included in your current contract? What plan is it? And how Old?


Worst case you can install the Optus App and by Travel Packs for $10 a day (or do this in online)


Tip: If you use GMail download maps of your destinations onto the phone itself. That way they don't need data to work anywhere.


Peter Gillespie

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