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Hi there, is it worth getting the Optus travel pack when away? Has anyone had it charge you over your amount at all?? Is it okay to have data roaming on ur phone and also on the app before I go? As the guy at Optus just put both of them on. Thank you 

Re: Optus travel packs


Hey @Tamiks24 - from my own personal experience, it is worth it if you're planning to make a lot of calls/SMS's & use data. 

The rates for using a mobile overseas without a travel pack are very expensive & quite often lead to high bills.

If you don't have a Travel Pack and are charged for roaming, we wouldn't be about to remove the charges either, so take a think about what you think you'll be using your mobile for whilst travelling & if you think you'll require one, as every customer has a different experience depending on their usage Smiley Happy


The other alternative, if you don't want to spend any extra money, is switching your roaming data/roaming off all together, and relying on WIFI connectivity to use your device. 

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