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New Contributor Disgruntled10yr
New Contributor

Optus lose 10 yr loyal customer in Jarvis issues

Perfect case study in losing a loyal customer, I was an Optus customer for 10 years, wasn’t on contract so was there because it was a good service and value.
Start of August my mobile connection went from average to zero at home.
Over 4 weeks I tried to convince them something had changed and could they investigate what happened then as I did have service now I didn’t.
4 weeks over 5 hrs of calls I pleaded with them every time a different person called and closed the ticket saying same thing I’m in a black zone they can let me out of my contract.
4 weeks I said I didn’t used to be so it’s something else, I went to effort of changing my SIM card I even changed my phone but stayed loyal.
Yesterday I finally get someone to be honest who went deeper in investigation they tell me in August I seem to have been switched over to a new platform all optus customer are being migrated to called Jarvis ! And that there is a significant amount of people in my same situation!
I said thank you for the honesty but for 4 weeks now I have had lazy customer service and my ticket closed when it was obviously this issue.
Today I’m on Telstra! Have mobile service and lovely amazing customer care at their Telstra store!
If you are having Optus issues you have probably been moved to the new system Jarvis. So call and get them to prioritise your fix.

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Occasional Contributor BeresD
Occasional Contributor

Re: Optus lose 10 yr loyal customer in Jarvis issues

This doesn't surprise me at all. I am in a very similar situation. I attemped to port over to Optus over 3 weeks ago now, something went wrong and nobody can fix it. I have been told I am on the "Jarvis" system. It seems like we are guinea pigs in a system that Optus has no expertise or control over.


Likewise I have given up and I am now attempting to recover my mobile number and get it back on to my previous provider.

Moderator Shauna

Re: Optus lose 10 yr loyal customer in Jarvis issues

Hey @Disgruntled10yr - thanks for reaching out to us via Yes Crowd!
Terribly sorry to hear of the issues you've come across over the last month or so, however our new system should not impact your coverage and we haven't had any reports that this is the case. 
That being said, I'd be more than happy to take a further look into this if you're still needing a hand with this. Can you please confirm your account details, full name and DOB via private message? 

I’m part of the Yes Crowd team, employed by Optus to help run our online community. This guide explains how everything works on here and you should also check out our Community Guidelines.

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New Contributor Disgruntled10yr
New Contributor

Re: Optus lose 10 yr loyal customer in Jarvis issues

I had 2 different case managers and you obviously didn’t read my message through. Instead gave a stock answer as I received for the 6 weeks I tried to stay loyal. Read my post again then ask the same question again. 

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