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Occasional Contributor SuDo
Occasional Contributor

Optus Prepaid Cap 4G/3G Plan Investigation Please?

Hi Optus,


Can you please pass this to who ever know more about this optus prepaid cap plan?


I'm sick and tired of get answer from optus tech support team keep reading off their policy script and said this plan does not support 4G.


I understand it may not support 4G two years ago for this plan, but since last year lots of customer on this prepaid cap plan got an sms text from optus said this plan being upgraded to 4G and their 4G network service active until now.


Optus please investigate and explain why for some customer are on 4G and some are still on 3G?


Please give us an acceptable answer?







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RetiredModerator Toomey

Re: Optus Prepaid Cap 4G/3G Plan Investigation Please?

I may be able to add it for you, sorry no one has been able to help in the past. Feel free to private message me with your phone number, full name and DOB.

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