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Optus Network outages – How to log your fault online


What to do if your internet or mobile service is down.


If you’re experiencing issues with mobile reception or having difficulty accessing your broadband service, simply head to our Network Status Page.


If we’ve identified an unplanned outage, you’ll be prompted to log your fault. You’ll receive SMS updates as we work to resolve the outage. For any planned maintenance, check back on the Network Status page for further updates.


Please note, that you can only log a fault if we’ve identified a live outage in your area. For individual or isolated faults, please contact us on Live Chat and our agents will assist you from there. 


Below, we’ll show how to check for outages and log your fault with us online


First off, a quick refresher - how to identify Mobile/Fixed Broadband outages online: 


outagemapYC.png  outage map YC2.png


  1. To check for outages, you’ll need to ensure that you’ve highlighted the outages tab. That’s the tab on the top right of our Network map.
  2. Next tick the relevant box – Mobile outages or Fixed Outages
  3. Enter your address or post code
  4. Select your address from the predicated suggestions


outage map YC 3.pngOutage map YC 4.png


  1. An outage can be identified by a red mobile tower icon. If the mobile tower is orange, that means we’re performing maintenance or upgrades in your area. When you click on the orange icon, we’ll give you an estimated resolution timeframe
  2. Click on the Red tower icon, here you’ll be shown a summary of the issue and the status of the investigation.


Logging your Optus mobile or Broadband fault online 


outage map YC 5.png

outage map YC 6.png

Outage Map YC 7.png

  1. To receive updates on the status of your fault via SMS, “Click Log A Fault ”
  2. We’ll need to confirm that you’re the account holder, enter your service number - that can be your home phone number or mobile number (depending on the type of Network outage)
  3. Click Validate me, you’ll be taken to the next stage in the validation process. Here we’ll need your address, contact number, contact name, the type of fault you’re experiencing and any additional comments that’ll help us with our investigation
  4. Click Submit
  5. You’ll have received a confirmation that your fault has been submitted and a reference number. We’ll contact you within 24 hours of logging your fault


If there’s any questions or concerns, feel free to leave us a comment below J



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Re: Optus Network outages – How to log your fault online


Great info! Thanks @Dan_C

Re: Optus Network outages – How to log your fault online


Hmm. The service number you’ve entered doesn’t match what we have in our system. Please check you have entered your Optus phone number correctly.


This doesn't work for mobile broadband.

Re: Optus Network outages – How to log your fault online


Why on Earth would you want to log a fault when Optus already knows there's a fault with a tower?


I'd like to be able to log a fault online when Optus doesn't know there's a problem. How do I do that?

Re: Optus Network outages – How to log your fault online


Good question, just spent quite some time trying to convince someone on chat that the good reception and 4G data speed I was previously enjoying for years has gone, and I did a walk around to have a look at the line of site mobile antennas I should be connecting to but my phone does not and see the building block is being demolished (112 Talavera Road Macquarie Park 2113 FYI). This site is showing green on the mobile outages page.   The next nearest site is not line of site and signal has to pass through a "metal cage" and a few buildings, result=0.05Mbps speed test the past 2weeks back at work (previously was >100megabit/s).

According to chat, that site is fine but I think a few demolition tractors, building surrounded by demolition fencing etc would beg to differ about that site status...

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