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Optus Broadband Outage - VIC 3204

My broadband cable Internet connection (not NBN) went down yesterday evening 7/May/2020 and is still down this morning.  I put my address ( Bentleigh VIC 3204 ) into the Network Status page and it says there is an NBN outage in my area, although I have not switched to NBN yet and am still on cable broadband (HFC).

I tried to do a "Report a Fault", but for some reason I get rejected when trying to validate my account and i tried my home number and mobile number.  Not sure why it needs to validate me when I am already logged in to my Optus account!  I get the message "Hmm. The service number you’ve entered doesn’t match what we have in our system. Please check you have entered your Optus phone number correctly. Having issues?"  Hmm indeed!

Without a working internet connection it is going to be a very difficult day as you can imagine. We are all so dependent on the internet for work and school in my household at the moment.

I will get onto Optus as soon as their call centre is online this morning.  Does anyone have any other suggestions as to how I can get this fault fixed asap?

Meanwhile, we can hotspot but that is going to run out fast.  I know in April that Optus offered 20GB extra mobile data for no extra cost ( ).  Does anyone know if this offer still available in May?  I did not avail of it in April as I had no need then.

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Re: Optus Broadband Outage - VIC 3204

If it is on the Optus outage map then it has been noted and is being worked on. You calling the contact centre is only going to tie up the lines and you will only be told that "Optus are working to resolve the unidentified issue as quickly as possible". FWIW Optus outage reports are a bit hit and miss.

The data offer was only last month. If you are relying on the internet (and who isn't at the moment) then look into getting a prepaid SIM or other data source you can use in an emergency. 

The NBN is available in your area. Optus will usually turn off the HFC cable network about three months after the NBN arrives (possibly that's what has happened but it would be a pretty big coincidence) . You should be looking to activate the NBN ASAP. In your situation though that can be a plus. You're getting either HFC NBN or FTTC NBN (Both good). Check your address here:

I would suggest you sign up with another provider at the moment. That's because the NBN won't be using your Optus cable. So you can keep that up and running completely separate to the NBN. Choose a provider with a month to month option (my suggestion would be Aussie Broadband but any will do just so long as its only month to month). They'll organise all the NBN stuff and you'll have two completely separate internet connection up and running. You can then decide to:

1) Just shut the NBN one down (it only takes a few minutes - hour to reactivate it as the hard part is the first connection)
2) Pick a cheap low speed option (Tangerine/Mate $49 a month?) to have it ticking over
3) Go back to Optus (just ask them to take over your existing NBN and they'll shut their cable down)
4) Try any other plan other there

The main thing is to get the NBN first connection up now (that will take a few weeks).

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