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No service

Hi I have just arrived in Mumbai - I have a travel pack addition and last night my phone was fine I had been given a mobile phone network here for the messages blah blah had good reception. Woke up this morning to no networ. I have switched My phone on and off. I had only slept sonthe ohone hasn’t been anywhere. 

The other people in the dorm have mobile net on their Indian lines so it’s not a coverage thing.

please help I have never had his happen to me I. A foreign country or at home before

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Re: No service

Hi there,


Sorry to hear you're having trouble! Let's see if we can get you back online!


It's worth double checking that you still have international roaming switched on while using your Optus phone overseas. You can find some instructions on the following link.


If you do have it connected, it's worth checking that your SIM is still inserted and then restarting your phone.


Let us know how you go with the above.



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