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My phone has no service or my sim isnt active yet. Ive been waiting 4 days for service since getting my new phone and activating the sim sent with it. My number is previously an amaysim number so maybe thats the hold up but 4 days with no number is ridiculous! My phone says it doesnt support live chat, i cant call cause my old phone isnt working hence getting a new one, i cant go instore cause i have a sick child at home! Why isn't there just an simple email option or live chat available to all customers not signed up or phone not supported non the less! Just want s phone with a working number

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Hi Arikatie, sorry to hear about the experience Smiley Sad So this port over would be a same carrier port. Are you still getting service on the old number? It might just be stuck on the last step in regards to the CID number. You can speak to pre-activations here → and they can push this through for you. Please let me know how it goes! Al

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