No *outdoor* coverage in Clifton Hill VIC


Good Evening,


I have come here as I can not find the coverage issue form that used to exist many years ago.


Here is my issue:


1. In the last week, I have no usable outdoor signal around John St Clifton Hill VIC 3068. Yes, thats right, outdoor coverage. Indoor coverage is perfectly fine.

2. By "no usable outdoor signal" I mean up to 4-5 bars are showing, 4G icon, but no data flow at all. Web page hang, apps hang.

3. UE is iPhone 6, iOS 10.

4. Previously I had no issue with this service in this area. The Optus service was faultless. Same UE owned for 2 years.

5. I have reset the device, flight mode on/off, no success.

6. This occurs at all times I have tested. Morning, evening,  midnight, etc. well outside the busy hour.


I am not sure how to go about logging this as an issue. 


However, here are my own observations which may or may not prove useful to your investigation.


1. I observe the problem exists on L2300 only which was recently activated on the site at 505-515 Hoddle St. When UE is camped on L2300, no data flow at all, even with RSRP <-80dBm on at least 2 sectors with PCI 259 and 260. When UE camped on L700 and L1800, no issue at all. This may explain indoor only coverage.


2. To confirm my UE is not at fault with L2300 radio hardware, I drove to the site at 369 Nicholson St Fitzroy which is equipped with B40 as well. On L2300 sectors with PCI = 435,436 there was throughput >50Mbps.





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