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Hi guys! 

I have had absolutely no coverage since 12pm this afternoon. My bills are up to date and the next one isn't due until the end of the month and also my contract is up. But have sos only or the "Optus" with no bars of reception appearing. I have called and live chatted with Optus member (how many time are you meant to call and explain that everything is up to date and give them the last reference number - shouldn't it be noted down in my account notes or something?) and given them relevant information about my last payment reference number but saying it's all fine - I'm sorry but if it's all fine I would be getting network coverage - anyone else been in this position? Super frustrating when I have an elderly mum to keep in touch with. Thanks for the help in advance! 

Re: No coverage


Hi BrionY,


Can you head over to Optus Mobile Network Coverage then click on 'Outages' to see if there are any problems in your area?


It sounds like a problem with the network rather than the billing. When your phone goes over to 'SOS only' it means your phone can't find the Optus network but it can find Telstra or Vodafone. If your service is barred due to non-payment, you'll still see Optus.


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