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No coverage despite my phone showing 1-2 bars and Optus wifi calling unreliable

As of last week my coverage at home has become extremely poor (no issues prior to this with either coverage and wifi calling). It shows SOS only some times but other times even if it fluctuates between 1-2 bars I still can’t make or receive calls. I was trying to get in touch with my wife who was at home with my sick baby and I had to use facebook messenger to call her as none of my callls were going through. 


I spoke with Optus tech support who raised case 17719692 for me and within an hour I received a response saying “Optus: You contacted us recently 17719692. So far we haven't found a network issue. If you still have a problem, reply HELP to this SMS & we'll call you.” I replied HELP straight away and 3 days later I still haven’t heard back. 


More importantly, Optus wifi calling is very flakey. It will sometimes work and some times not work. Despite having a solid wifi speed and connection Optus wifi calling is very unreliable leaving me in a predicament as I am unreachable to anybody whilst I’m at home. As my wife is also with Optus she is having the same issues so if someone is trying to reach us in an emergency we are unable to be contacted. Please help. 

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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: No coverage despite my phone showing 1-2 bars and Optus wifi calling unreliable

Hey @Jamessk811, cheers for reaching out to us here!


I've had a bit of a scroll through case reference 17719692 and there was a remark left on the ticket just this afternoon. It advises the following, “An SMS has been sent to the customer advising that Optus has completed case management of their enquiry, but if the issue occurs again, they can reply to the SMS and we will call them back." Would you like us to perform a coverage check for you from our end?

Now there haven’t been any further notes left by our CM team since the SMS that you'd received other than what I’ve quoted.

Would you like us to perform a coverage check from our end? Feel free to send us a PM with your account details.


We'll also try and troubleshoot your Wi-Fi calling issue. The majority of the feedback we've received since this feature when live has been positive. We also have a Wi-Fi talk application but if you have a Wi-Fi calling enabled device, it really shouldn't be necessary to use the app.

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