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No coverage at Gaythorne train station, Brisbane

Travelling on the train every day, when arriving into Gaythorne there is zero coverage.  This is the way it has been for years and I figured I might just ask about it.

Over this time my partner and I have had different phones and always everyday we both drop out at Gaythorne and reconnect once the train has moved on.  Going into the city, coming from the city, doesn't matter.

I'm really just wondering if this is a known blackspot?

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Re: No coverage at Gaythorne train station, Brisbane

Hi there @adrkanf. Thanks for posting on Yes Crowd. 

I looked into this for you and when checking our coverage specifically at Gaythorne Station QLD, I could see that coverage was poor/marginal at that specific spot. 

There are many factors that could be impacting the coverage at that location such as but not limited to:

  • Physical obstacles between you and the tower
  • The materials your building is made out of (eg reinforced concrete walls will weaken the signal)
  • Congestion - where there is a high concentration of people (eg, music festival) all using their phones, coverage can be affected
  • Antenna strength of your phone, some phones have better antenna's than others.
  • Proximity to a mobile tower

Poor coverage spots usually can be addressed through planned upgrades on our towers in the area. The good news is, I can see that we're currently carrying some out for Gaythorne QLD which is expected to complete on 07/06/21. You can keep track of the upgrade works on our Network Status Map and register for updates. 

Whilst I can't guarantee this upgrade will improve the coverage specifically at the train station, I can see there are further upgrades planned in the next 3-6 months in that area so hopefully, you should start to see improvements soon. 

Hope this helps! 

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Re: No coverage at Gaythorne train station, Brisbane

@adrkanfUnfortunately Optus have no way of end users letting Optus know about black spots so they can see where end users are having problems due to lack of coverage.


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