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No connection international roaming in Madagascar

Hi Crowd,


I thought I would look for some help here, as after 5 sessions with online chat with Optus I still don't have a solution. This is a bit of a long story so bear with me.


I work 7 weeks on, 3 weeks off in Madagascar. During my first rotation I noticed my Telstra SIM wasn't connecting to any local networks and discovered Telstra didn't support roaming in Madagascar for prepaid SIMs. So I jumped onto online chat with Optus to check if they support roaming in Madagascar, which they advised they do. First trip back to Australia I ported my number to Optus and uppon arrival in Madagascar, still no connection.


I've contacted Optus several times and tried the following:

- Manually selecting the network operator (I have three visible on 2G, 3G and 4G networks).

- Removing my second SIM card (dual SIM phone) and trying Optus SIM in both slots.

- Restarting phone several times.

- Resetting my network settings.

- Inserted my SIM into a colleauge's unlocked Samsung Galaxy S6


I know my roaming works becuase i've been to the Philippines, Hong Kong and South Africa since switching to Optus. In all countries I received four text messages from Optus stating the roaming charges. I have never had a connection in Madagascar.


I've got a local work SIM, but I need to be able to receive text messages on my Australian number for online bacnking and other passcodes that are sent via text.


The chat team have promised to escalate this twice and notify me via email but this still hasn't happened.


My phone is a Oneplus 5T.


Is there anything else I should try, or should I see if I have better luck with Vodaphone?





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Re: No connection international roaming in Madagascar

Optus prepaid roaming does not cover Madagascar


Optus postpaid roaming does cover Madagascar

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Re: No connection international roaming in Madagascar

Thanks for the answer Paddylee.


I should really have checked myself and not taken the word of the online chat team member.


Here's some great feedback for Optus - I've probably talked to 8 or 9 of your online chat team members by now, all of whom have accessed my account and none of them were able to provide this answer. One of your team members actually told me before I switched that Prepaid roaming was available in Madagascar.

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