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New Contributor teeg
New Contributor

Network unlock code

Can someone plz help me with the network unlock code. 

I dont have $ to pay for the code to be sent to me 

But this is a service we never used to pay for , well i never have, and dont intend to start paying for it now lol. Either way i still have no funds atm anyway not for a few days. My ex stole my phone and my mum kindly bought me a replacement, not realising its locked to optus and im currrntly using another prepaid service. Also single mum with kids, need to be contactable for my kids etc .



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Crowd Champion caaf
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Re: Network unlock code


Firstly if your ex "stole" your phone I assume you've reported to both the police and the telco/provider so the ex faces the necessary reprimand (and potentially you'll get your phone back) and also get the phone block so it won't work with any telco in Australia.


Any fees ect may be required to move forward with the unlock process, the fees them selves can very depending on the device in question and you'd at least have to through the process to at least to know what if any the fee would be. Hopefully the follow link will help out.





Cheers Dave

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