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Network coverage request

Hi there,
I live in Belgrave Victoria which is in the very much tree covered and hilly Dandenong Ranges. I moved here from the inner suburbs but having moved here my Optus Mobile coverage was too bad to continue with the service. I really want to have a service again with Optus for the much better value compared to the other company, but this can only occur with better coverage and less congestion as the 2 Optus towers nearest to me are over subscribed and their signal does not reach me and my street well.
Is there some way we can request or suggest locations to Optus for their consideration? Recently the operator of the Metro Trains put up a communications tower up and it has plenty of room for co location of Optus equipment.
Sorry for the long post, but is there anyway for us to contact Optus to suggest locations for mobile network equipment? Thanks all.
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Re: Network coverage request

Hi @GundulfW

Thanks for reaching out to us here and for taking the time to provide your feedback. 

I have marked your post to be passed on to our internal teams for review as we are always on the lookout on ways to improve our service for customers. 

If you did want to find out on any planned upgrades that may improve the coverage in your area, we recommend messaging us for further information. 

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I’m part of the Yes Crowd team, employed by Optus to help run our online community.

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