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Network Coverage in Woodstock NSW 2793

Does anyone else find that the optus chat people constantly lie about network coverage issues in their area? I constantly get lied to. The otherday I received messages that tower service was finished. Now for three days we have had no service/reception to our phones in this area. None not even intermittent. I think someone uses a device to cut service in this area and all optus chat staff seem to want to do is to chat and "be your friend" I actually think that they have an obsession with annoying certain users telephone to try and make them talk to their staff to be "social" I dont want to talk to them as they constantly say one thing on the phone then the bills come wrong and then they threaten to cut service with wrong bills and cant put you through to anyone who knows how to fix it and then they say that the phone has been restricted but then turn around and say its network coverage issues. Its like they have absolutely no idea what going on with the coverage and if they find out when you really need to use a phone they purposely make sure it doesnt work. 3 days no coverage at all?? How is that maintenance of the tower. 3 whole days no service

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Re: Network Coverage in Woodstock NSW 2793

Hey @Lmnv_1 - Thanks for sharing this with us.\

I apologise that you've had a few issues with your service in the area.

Judging from what you have mentioned, it sounds like this is a phone related issue, is this correct?

Have you had the chance to replace the SIM card? Another quick fix you can try is by turning on Airplane mode for about 30 seconds and then off to see if this refreshes the network.

If you continue to face issues, feel free to send us a message either via Facebook or Twitter and our team can take it from there - Steven

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