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Network Coverage and Billing



I just signed up with Optus less than a week. The reason why I signed up because they had a flash promotion and I assumed I got the better deals and network coverage. 


I got the email from Optus this morning. About my billing, I downloaded the Optus app. However, it requird me to login to view my bill. I dont remember my password or login id. I click on forgotten password. It link to to the new webpage. But it never finished downloading (unable to load the page to change password). I checked on my phone network sign, it shown  4G but downloading arrow not flashing at all. 


My current phone is Samsung Note Edge and location of use at Brentford Sq, Forest Hill, Vic. 


I even tried to connect webchat but the problem still the same. Unable to load. I tried to load other site still the same. 


Can I conclude that Optus 4G isnt really 4G? The network loading time is like back to year 1997, when Nokia 8210 started their internet connectivity. 


This is the worst 4G network I've ever signed up! 


Anyone encounter the same problem out there? 


Secondly, why my  bill shown $50++? I signed up for $40 plan, given 25% discount. It should be $30. 


I'm feeling very disappointed. Can I terminate the contract because Optus cant fulfill what it promises? 


Appreciate if someone can give some guidelines or feedback. 



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Re: Network Coverage and Billing

Really sorry to hear that you're having so much trouble with your new service Michael - if you'd like us to take a closer look please send through a PM with your account info and DOB, along with the address you're experiencing issues. We can also take a look at your bill that way. 

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