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New Contributor Josh010
New Contributor

Network Coverage Issue on M4, NSW

Hi Team!


Just wanted to report a black spot on the M4 between Leonay and Glenbrook in NSW.


On the coverage map is shows 4G Plus for this area but my phone calls disconnect in the same spot every day when travelling that section of the M4.


I just wanted to make you aware as I am sure it would also be affecting other commuters as well.


Just for the record I am using an Apple XS

Thanks for any feedback or info you have on this.



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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: Network Coverage Issue on M4, NSW

Hey @Josh010


I've checked our back-end coverage maps and I can see that there’s several low-marginal coverage areas on the M4 between Leonay and Glenbrook NSW.


We do have a Mobile Blackspot initiative running at the moment. We've dedicated resources to improve coverage in areas with known blackspots.


As part of the program, we're inviting customers to start a conversation about how to bring reliable mobile coverage to your community.

You can contact us at

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