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Network Congestion


Does anyone else live in an area which suffers from network congestion during peak hours? 


I am a resident in Loftus, Sydney NSW and ever since I moved here and chose Optus HFC (Cable) I have had horrendous drop outs during peak hours (8:00am-10:00am & 6pm until midnight). My speed will go from max 30m down 2m up during the day, dropping to a consistent 3-5m down / 0.2m up consistently during peak time.


I have had the following support from Optus:


- A new modem

- 4 engineer visits, comprising of:

- A device fixed to my line to reduce line voltage, general troubleshooting

- Lots of conflicting information from the helpdesk (your line is faulty when it's not, your modem is faulty when it's not)


As the same engineer has been visiting, I have gotten to know him quite well. He has told me that the area suffers from "100% upload and 100% download congestion on the local node connecting this area". He also told me that "Going with any other provider will have the same issue and NBN won't fix the problem either". 


Is this it then, am I supposed to just accept that it's the norm and poor service has to be tolerated, or are there other options? 

Re: Network Congestion

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I'm surprised there were four visits. Congestion is readily identifiable (slow down in peak times) and should have nothing to do with your specific household connection. 



Perhaps try knocking on a few neighbours doors in your street and asking who they are with (NBN? Optus?) and what speeds they are getting through the day. A bit awkward but maybe you are the friendly type? 




Peter Gillespie

Re: Network Congestion


Hi Peter,


Thanks, yes, have regular dialogue with my neighbours, they are on a mixture of Telstra via ADSL2+ and Optus HFC, all have the same peak congestion issues and "have lived with it for a while now" Smiley Happy


NBN is not yet in our area, coming in July 2018 via FTTC. The only real issue the Optus engineer has fixed is high voltage on the line, which I could validate by logging onto the Optus managed modem. This improved things a little but the congestion is still there. (At the time of posting at 8am - line speed 3-4m down. Now writing this at 1:10pm - speed is up to 12m) 


Seeing as this is likely a wider issue and not a simple fix, what is the best path to a resolution, or will it need an accumalation of customer pressure to have this matter addressed? 


Re: Network Congestion


I'm sorry to say that the "fix" might be the NBN. 


Optus cable has traditionally not had congenstion issue AFAIK but now that the NBN has bought the cable and decided to junk it entirely in two years time I can't imagine Optus are spending a lot trying to maximise its performance. Similarly with the copper wires and Telstra. In fact if it isn't totally broken then why would either company invest much in upgrading?


Presumably your node would have been upgraded to handle the increased demand if there was no NBN due in 8 months, but probably not anymore. Do you have the option to leave? FTTC means you have no Telstra cable option and your speeds on Optus cable are likely generally better than any ADSL solution. 


So all I can say is be thankful a solution is on the horizon, but until then you're on your own.




Peter Gillespie


Re: Network Congestion


Thanks Peter, I guess I knew that was the answer ultimately, but it's good to hear this from someone else who clearly has some experience on this subject.


Thanks for your response(s) Smiley Happy 



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