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New Contributor MKYD
New Contributor

NBN dropouts for the last month

My NBN was switched over 25 July 2017  WITHOUT a new modem being sent.  No phone, no internet and told they were "out of stock". Modem arrived 4 days later and has been a nightmare ever since. Phone dropouts, internet dropouts multiple times a day.  On Saturday it dropped out 16 times while I was trying to work at home. The NBN technician came the week before and said the node was wired badly but he fixed it.  HAHA.  No difference.  They sent another modem.  No change.  On 28 August a tech, Assim, told me he would phone in 2 days to tell me what NBN had found.  1 Sept now, no phone call.  When I phoned Optus and NBN earlier tonight, the call says "We're too busy, please call back..." I was in the middle of calling for an ambulance because I was having a mini-stroke AND THE NBN DROPPED OUT!!!  I've now cancelled the direct debit to pay the bill, I've written to the Telecommunications Ombudsman, my Federal Member and Optus Head Office (who's receptionist wouldn't put me through to a management person unless I went through customer service first to see if they could help - like the other 15 didn't know how to do it any better!).  I will now sit back and see what happens.  HRMPH - Now I can't send this through right away because the internet has dropped out again.  I'll copy it in case it looses it in the cloud somewhere.

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Moderator Aman_B

Re: NBN dropouts for the last month

Hi @MKYD, apologies for the inconvenience caused. I totally understand your concern and frustration with this. Since the enquiry has already been escalated to TIO a case manager will be in contact with you in the given time frame.

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Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

Re: NBN dropouts for the last month

When the Customer Relations Group gets in contact with you (as they will) in the next few days ask them to have a senior technician conduct a full line test (which is done online).  Ask them to check whether the Ariss NBN sub-modem is at fault ( I have read where some have issues with the transmission frequency ) .  I know you've probably done this already BUT...apart from doing a "soft reset" on both modems (powering off, waiting for 30 seconds, powering on) have you done a hard reset on both modems?  Here is the method:

1/ Get a wooden toothpick (DO NOT USE A METAL PIN)

2/ Look carefully at the back of each will see a tiny hole with the word "RESET" above it.

3/ Reset the Ariss NBN sub-modem first by pushing the toothpick into the hole until you feel a switch resistance.  Hold the toothpick down for at least 20 seconds or so and then release.  Do this with power on.

4/ Do the same thing with the Sagecom modem.

5/ Wait for the service to come back on line (usually about 2 or 3 minutes).

6/ Test your line speed here:

7/ Keep an eye on your sevice to see if you have further drop outs.


Good luck


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