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I just had my NBN cable installed today. The highest connection download speed is 8.0mbps and the highest connection upload speed is 814.3kbps. Am I going to have trouble getting a fast network speed or do I have to wait a day or so until the speed gets faster?

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Hey heyhoris, it can take little bit of time after activation for everything to finalise.


However it'd be worthwhile contacting Tech Support just to make sure everything is working fine.





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I would wait a couple of days before worrying to much.


Also, is NBN new to your area? NBN don't ramp it up to full power until 18 months after rollout because doing so would cause issues for the existing ADSL service in the area (which is switched off 18 months after rollout).


Also, what technology is it? FTTN will also have the potential to slow down due to factors like distance from the node. 

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There is some misleading advice here from others.
When they finish the programming for your connection, and you are up and running, that is likely going to be your running speed even beyond a couple of days.
It doesn't take them a couple of days to "finalize" your speeds after they have you connected.
Once you are connected and running properly, thats the speed you will likely continue receiving.
If they haven't finalized everything, they would not have you up and running yet.

Also, the other person saying that "full power" would somehow interfere with the existing ADCL, this is not true.
If someone has told you that, they are spewing techno garbage to convince you its ok to have speeds that aren't what they promised.

If anything, it should increase the speeds for existing ADSL users.


I have not from my experience, seen ANY people get a slower connection at the start for any reason other than because their Copper cables are still rubbish even though the NBN was installed "up to" that rubbish copper wire.

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