How the f#ck can Optus rort us all by charging more money for a government funded Internet rollout (NBN) and then provide a service which has less than half the download speed of the current Cable broadband speeds. Unledd you want to pay an extra $100 to recieve the "Super Fast" speed, which is only twice as fast as what i currently have on my cable?  What a f#cking SCAM optus!!



Hey Loucypher, just to clarify, what plan and Cable speeds were you referring to?


The top speed available on Cable was 100mbps and NBN is the same. In order to get that speed it wouldn't be $100 extra, but $100 total ($80 for the plan, $20 for the speed pack).

The base speed for NBN however is less than the base speed for Cable (12mbps compared to 30mbps).


You can always have a chat with Sales to see if they've got any deals available.







The government didn't make the NBN, for Optus to use free of charge. NBN is a large corporation that displaced Optus and Telstra, and now attempts to sell its services to Optus and Telstra at prices they don't want to pay.



Just to "clarify" the "top speed available" is not always what you will get.
NBN only replaces the rotten 80 year old copper wire with op-fiber up to "the node", which means that from the node, to your home, you still have rotten, old wires that have likely been in there over 20 years and need replacing.

So while the speeds going up to the node can reach actually more like 500mbps, the speed you get in your home, is around 25mbps to 100 (this is what the government said they'll give you minimum).
This obviously isnt the case though is it? So really its the government who screwed everyone over, by allowing telstra to own a part of the infrastructure which is rubbish, force us to keep it, and charge a premium to the government to replace it when it needs replacing.

Lastly, NBN can be provided by any ISP who has NBN plans in your state. Once NBN has been installed, you can leave Optus, and get a $60 unlimmited plan on 25mbps with other ISP's such as TPG (anywhere in Australia).
Optus and telstra have been misleading people by making it look like an "upgrade" and that because they are local unlike others, they're the only choice (like with normal ADSL+).

This is not the case with NBN.

So while people say "nbn isn't given free of charge", don't be mislead. You are absolutely being ripped off if they charge you MORE to switch over to NBN.


As for the speeds,
If you are under contract, I suggest you look at the minumum speeds agreed to under your contract.
If you are not receiving those speeds, your contract can be canceled without penalty, and you can move elsewhere where you won't be ripped off.


Good luck!




NBN owns the copper to your house, after the area has been NBNized.


The decaying old copper is now shorter, because the local junctions arn't 3km away.




The current stuck up PM "Malcolm Turdball" is the culprit. He had his grubby little paws all over the NBN. He would stand up in question time when he was the minister for communications and beat his chest at how the NBN would revolutionise the internet and that HE was getting the roll out to everyone at record speed. I found out from the tech yesterday that my NBN was supposed to be wired to the house but "because of financial cut-backs from the Government they took the cheaper option to the node." I guess I am lucky the house is not really old as the wiring is still good. So far I have had good speeds and can't complain.

I hope you get your issues sorted.

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