My Website Not Showing Under Optus Network


My website under the OPTUS NETWORK only is not showing


Optus have said they not what the issue is but have failed to do anything about it. They wont call

me which they promised to do to update me


My site is NOT blacklisted, my ip address isnt banned. My website were fine up to LAST tuesday the 4th April 2017. Then suddenly they stopped loading.


I have been thrown around with the optus chat and phone support for the last week and it is SOOOOOO

frustrating! Nothing has been resolved. My customers (who are using optus can not access my websites)


Can someone please point me in the right direction? Who can I call that can actually help me solve this?





Re: My Website Not Showing Under Optus Network


Hey famfam8888 - I've had no issues lodaing your website :\ Are you having trouble still? Please let us know if you're needing this followed up. 

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