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Wow. 15 hours and counting. I can't perform a simple connection to our parent company in Canada who hosts our email, either via the android app or webmail. All I have is 4G data at home & 4G Optus mobiles. This kind of extended outage was utterly & completely unacceptable a decade ago Optus. It's 2019 now if you'd like to check your calendars.

Optus network ip dropping packets


I am having issues with half the sites I use and it looks to be Optus dropping packets halfway in the traceroute

ping -q -c 30
PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.

--- ping statistics ---
30 packets transmitted, 19 received, 36% packet loss, time 29023ms
rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 288.155/313.342/329.258/11.478 ms


I have traceroute and tested each IP in the route and found that Optus's ip in the route is droping anthing from 25% to 50% packets


ping -q -c 30
PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.

--- ping statistics ---
30 packets transmitted, 22 received, 26% packet loss, time 29008ms
rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 25.180/85.210/114.916/20.053 ms

Re: My Optus internet service is down


Yeah Optus network is crap right now and they are not fixing it. forget about contaction support they are not picking up or chat

Re: Optus network ip dropping packets


we still are getting no connection to anything, foxtel, fetch, gaming for 3 days now, what is going on is anyone else having the same trouble with dropouts and no service, where in northern suburbs Adelaide.

Optus what is going on. Had enough 


Re: If Optus were an airline, their Business Class would be laughed out of existance!


If you would like the crowds help we’d need some information on what the actual problem is? 

I'm a Yes-Crowd Contributor, not an Optus Employee, and I contribute on a voluntary basis. Did someone on Yes Crowd answer your question? Did they share a great tip Please remember to acknowledge their awesomeness by throwing a Kudo and or Accepted Solution their way.
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