If Optus were an airline, their Business Class would be laughed out of existance!


Optus likes to pretend it has a Business focus but in reality, it does not exist.

Firstly, their Business modems are the same rubbish as they give home users.

When you call their Business Help, they continually refer to home!

The Business support number 133 343 appears to be answered by the same staff as home users. You are asked questions until they establish you are a business user then transferred to the correct team.

Today I have major issues connecting to a number of key services (routing issues) but gave up even trying to report the fault.

I am out of contract and seriously considering moving to another carrier!
I have a backup iiNet connection and it has been perfect so its not NBN - its Optus.


Cable Outage


Anyone else? Cable internet is down despite no outage listed on the Optus website. Tried to call support but was told the cue is 1.5hrs long and I should not even attempt waiting to speak to support. Waited for ages to speak to tech support via chat service. Definitely going to put in a complaint.

Re: Cable Outage


Everyone else!  Optus has broken something with international site access, seems to have something to do with website/apps hosted on Amazon Web Services mostly international sites.

Re: Cable Outage


Thanks. Glad to know I'm not the only one! Looks like we're all in this together



Time-outs everywhere


Anyone else getting issues with timeouts connecting to US-based servers in the last few hours?  I get lots of packet loss doing traceroutes to such sites, yet they're fine using

Two sites that seem particularly bad are and, but almost any site that doesn't have an Australian mirror site (and it's amazing how many do these days) is very slow.


Re: Time-outs everywhere


There seems to be some issues connecting to overseas sites at the moment. Hopefully the Optus technicians can sort it out asap

Re: Cable Outage


Same isues here been trying to connect to live chat for 30 mins to find out what’s going on

Re: Time-outs everywhere


Were back on in Adelaide 

Re: Time-outs everywhere


No we're not.

Re: Time-outs everywhere


I've been back on since 11:05

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