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My Optus internet service is down

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Hi all.
My NBN is not working in Epping Vic 3076

Contact centre is a joke and half Optus help pages are down

Can't get any help anywhere

Does anyone else have this problem?

Unable to connect to Shopify

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Hi -

I can't connect to shopify in any way using my Optus NBN, my store won't load, nor can I log into my back end.  The message is that it timed out.  I contacted shopify via facebook (since I also can't use the shopify contact form because that won't load either) - and they said they have had a lot of people from Australia using Optus contact them today about this same problem, that they think that somehow Optus have unintentionally blocked Shopify.


I can load my website fine on my Telstra mobile....


I have restarted computer, restarted modem, cleared cache.


Any help appreciated ☺

Re: Unable to connect to Shopify


Whilst I dont have Shopify, I cant log into any games with my optus 4g on my mobile. A number of people reporting the same (including problems with PS4 games connecting through Optus WIFI). Started around 12.30ish

Some apps will not connect, but will do so once VPN is toggled on


Optus prepaid. iPhone XS Max on iOS 12.3. 


Since 12.30pm this afternoon, I have three dating/chat apps that will not connect to the server. 


However when I toggle on my VPN (Private Internet Access VPN) these three apps connect instantly. 


I have checked the server status of these apps from the developer and they’re all working with no reported issues. 


I have restarted/hard reset a few times and tried resetting all network settings with no effects. 


What should I do? 

Re: Some apps will not connect, but will do so once VPN is toggled on


It appears Optus may have accidentally blocked a chunk of the internet. 


Others are reporting similar issues. You'll need to hang tight until someone checks it out in Optus HQ.


Till then use your VPN


Peter Gillespie

Re: Unable to connect to Shopify


Similar issue with me and a few dating/chat apps. 


I’m using my VPN to bypass the random blocking by optus for now. 

Re: Unable to connect to Shopify


Hi @Lyndsey

We haven't heard that officially, Shopify may need to contact Optus through their own channels (if they haven't already since other customers have reported it to them) as per a similiar issue posted here recently. It was resolved fairly quickly once that happened.

Other options would be if you have a social media account, please send a PM to Optus on Facebook or a DM on Twitter with the details.
If not, please chat with us.  

Hi @Donno

Yours is a separate and known issue. Please follow this thread for updates.

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Optus Foxtel outage


Network outage in this morning Is it still out of service?

Re: Some apps will not connect, but will do so once VPN is toggled on


Hi Peter, do you have any other details of this?  I'm currently dealing with an outage to a service at work from users on Optus' network and I'd really like to be able to point to a root cause for them.


Re: Some apps will not connect, but will do so once VPN is toggled on


Nope sorry. Just a lot of random posts popping up saying things aren't working right.


Optus posted this just before.


Peter Gillespie

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