Mount Hotham mobile reliability


Last winter, the mobile phone coverage at Mount Hotham was atrocious. You could usually see 2-3 bars when in the main village area (which is quite close to the summit tower location), but it was rarely possible to make or receive calls and text messages took hours to be delivered. About 10km away at Dinner Plain the reception and reliability were excellent all season.


There was clearly some technical fault with the base station on Mount Hotham.


Has this now been resolved in preparation for the 2019 winter season.  If not then I'm afraid I'm going to have to swap all our mobile phone plans to Telstra, much as it would pain me to do so.  And I'm sure that thousands of regular skiers and boarders will do the same and abandon Optus.


I'll be up there for Easter and the week before and will get an opportunity to test.





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If people aren't logging faults and the system isn't alarming then there is no indication of any faults. If you are going up there, please test and contact Optus immediately if there are any issues.


I checked the Service Status page and can't see any open faults or outages.



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Re: Mount Hotham mobile reliability


I posted this topic on crowd last year and added some follow up comments, but never got a response from Optus. I even Tang technical support twice and both times they claimed there was no issue and didn't seem to want to take any action.

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We were up that way for Easter.  We drove through Hotham a couple of times and both times, it was much more reliable than last winter.  I hope that isn't just because the number of people about was small and that when the winter crowds come we'll be back to terrible reception.


The far end of the village near The General Store, Big-D and the Davenport area still has little or no reception.


Optus, you desperately need an additional tower located somewhere down there.  On top of Little Higgy would give great coverage and increase the on-slope coverage a lot too.





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Coverage is still a joke with Optus. Simply enabling 4G doesnt change the fact that the number of towers is lacking 


Yes Dinner Plain coverage is great but at Hotham where it matters even Vodafone is better 


The only question you need answered is will tower




Which is at the Big D area be activated before Winter


If it's not then change to Telstra

Re: Mount Hotham mobile reliability


We're at Hotham for opening weekend. The main tower on the summit is fully functioning again. Much improved.


Haven't worked out whether there are any additional towers yet.

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