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Modem/router led lights


After losing internet access several times, each time regaining it by resetting the Sagemcom F@st 3864V3 HP modem/router, I'm at a loss to what the leds should be showing. At the moment the Power, Lan, and Phone leds are steady-on, the DSL light is off, and the Internet and Wifi leds blink in a block of four on-offs per block. Does anyone know if this is the usual for this device. I should mention also that even when we can't access the internet the modem shows the same thing.




Re: Modem/router led lights


Hi - this may help. If you go onto this Optus Web Page and select your NBN configuration and select the Troubleshooting section by expanding it, you will see what the LED indications mean. Although your model is the 3864V3 HP, Optus only show the Sagemcom 3864V3 AC as one of the options to select and it has the same form factor design as the HP model. I have not found any information that shows the difference between these models.


Example - this is for NBN HFC connection using a NBN Arris modem as front end to NBN - the DSL link is not used, the WAN Port of the Sagemcom is connected to the LAN link of the NBN Arris Modem.  

If you have NBN FTTN, your link goes directly into the main telephone wall socket using the DSL Port of the Sagemcom.

If you have NBN FTTC, the Sagemcom DSL Port is interconnected to a Netcomm Front End Device.


Your modem may be stuck in a Firmware Update - is it possible for you to look into the Modems'Admin screens to see what Firmware Version you have and then Restart it from within the Modem's Admin Menu rather than an External Power Restart. You can then verify if your mdoem's firmware has indeed updated.

Re: Modem/router led lights


Thank you very much for your detailed response to my query. The Sagemcom is still showing the leds scenario I described earlier. We've had uninterrupted internet service for over 24 hours now. So far, so good. If the problem re-emerges I'll have a look at the modem's admin screens.






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