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Hi my house is in Seacombe Garden, SA5047, which is 300m away from a westfield shopping centre. In the shopping centre i get more than 100 mbps if i speedtest with my mobile, but outside, the speed is about 12 mbps. From my house it is about 8 mbps. Not sure why such a big drop. 


I actually need a home broadband plan on mobile network, i cant get NBN, so thinking of getting a wireless modem on 500 gb plan, but not getting the confidence after the speedtest. Can anyone give me some input pls???


Secondly i'm a heavy internet user mostly usage in 4k Netflix, youtube for the kids and gaming. 500 gb is not enough, is there any plans for optus to come up with a bigger plan??? May be unlimited or 1 tb. 

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Many towers are located at shopping centres and it's of no surprise to me that the signal would dwindle down as you get away from it. Radio waves pretty much travel line of sight so obstacles and terrain can have a big affect. I get a constant 2 to 3 bars on Optus 4G so I have never had to worry about antennas that could be an option for you if the signal is low. There are no bigger plans than 500GB as far as I am aware but I guess you could get a second plan if you need more data. It's an expensive way of doing it but from what you have said you may have no other option.

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Hi - does your mobile indicate if you are connected to 4G or 3G when you are inside the shopping centre as that may explain the speed difference. Have you ever connected to Westfield Free Wi-Fi Network when in the shopping centre previously as that setting may click in when in coverage area. What does your phone show - 4G or 3G - when you are outside of the centre and then in your home.


Given that your consumption of data is influenced by regular 4K Netflix viewing and borders on 500GB a month, I would encourage you to connect with the respective NBN based service for your area if possible - FTTP/FTTC/FTTN/HFC. You may be able to get a larger data allowance and entertainment bundle. If you are in an estate or multi dwelling environment that has a Velocity Coverage Area, you still should get a reasonable service via fibre optic or coax cabling.  

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DO NOT get wireless broadband!!! For the love of god... get ANYTHING but that. Especially since you'll mainly be using it for streaming & downloading. At night time, the speeds are SO BAD ITS VIRTUALLY NON EXISTENT. Trying to stream a show or download a movie is an absolute waste of time. Im on the 200Gig wireless plan as i was told no bigger plans were available when i got it 3 months ago, due to no NBN or ADSL/ADSL2 being available in my estate. What a bloody mistake that was!! I feel like im throwing my money down the toilet every month. My phone gets MUCH better speeds than the wireless broadband!! And this isnt an isolated incident.. ive read countless other wireless customers having the same issue. Its sooooo infuriating. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!

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Holz - I can understand your frustrations and agree with your sentiments and recommendation. Some people, due to their circumstances and where they live have no choice but NBN Fixed Wireless,  Mobile Broadband (MBB) or using Smart Phone Hotspots for Internet connectivity. Apart from the law of queuing for a limited resource in regards to base station capacities, there has been an increasing demand for Streaming services fostered by the entertainment and carrier industries which has built an unrealsitic expectation in the mindsets of consumers. This level of expectation has also been compounded by a fast evolution of mobile technologies which provide faster connectivity at the price of consuming the limited and available base station bandwith at time of connection.


Sometimes reception and improved streaming experience can be improved by external aerials or re-locating the MBB Modem and using a LAN cabling network instead of Wi-Fi if feasible.


I get the impression that there is little or meaningful consultation with consumers at retail outlets or on the web when they purchase a MBB device whether it be a USB 4G Wingle for $50 or the specialised $200 - $600+ MBB Modems. The focus seems to be on price vs what functionality is provided.


Most low cost USB 4G Wingles operate at LTE CAT 4 speeds, MBB Modems may operate at CAT 4 or CAT 6 , Modern Smart Phones can now operate at CAT 11 ( probably why your internet link from phone is faster) and Netgear have their Nighthawk M2 which is rated at CAT 20, however I am not sure if any carrier provides a current CAT 20 service speed in Australia, it may be governed to CAT 11. CAT 6 and above devices start to aggregate bandwidth to achive higher speeds, so unless the carriers expand their equipment at the base station, the more of these devices that connect, the less others have at their disposal. A type of Catch 22. Next Generation 5G technologies promise even faster speeds but some realsim still needs to be considered from a practical point of view in terms of the demand load on the base station.  

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