Mobile coverage in felixstiw


Daughter lives in Felixstow SA.  Mobile civerage there is so bad tgat mobike calls can only be made by goi g outdoors almost to the front fence.  Not much help when need to use mobike whikst minding grandchikdren.


Has been reported and optUs admit it is a known black spot but still doesnt get it resolved. 


Cone on Optus!!  We want a bit more YES  and a but less NO

Re: Mobile coverage in felixstiw


Installing a mobile tower isn't a whim decision that takes minutes, there is a tonne of planning and approvals required to do these sorts of things. Plus crazy people go "whaa the RF energy makes me go silly" so they protest the installations further delaying things.


Black spots aren't easy to fix, you first need to understand the reason its happening, and then work out how to overcome it.

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Re: Mobile coverage in felixstiw


I totally agree with Jeneral_pain  and we need to be fair about this.  However, the 'black spot' is known and recognised by Optus so this is not a 'new' or 'emerging' need.   There has been plenty of time to determine why the black spot occurs  ( its not rocket science).  So it really comes down to economics and PR.


Hence I am turning to blogs and the like.  Optus cannot have it all their own way.  OPTUS says it is providing a service so ...  provide it!!... dont just pick off the more profitable low hanging fruit.  


Time to get out of the office and do some tests, confirm the problem then see what options there are to provide a basic service to those in Felixstow and moving through the area wanting coverage.

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