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New Contributor pure63
New Contributor

Mobile & Network coverage

Due to the total overcharge for everything I left Telstra for Optus and am happy with the pricing as far as it goes in Australia. I knew being outside a capital city the coverage would be not as good but figured living in a large regional city with large military precence it wouldn't be too bed.  Hmmm I was wrong, Optus really how is it you can be in a large hospital and can't get service. Now we are not talking minimal service or just data service we are talking SOS service only no mobile reception at all. I know it is a hospital but at least with telstra you could still use your data a bit slow but useable phone calls no problem.  Optus nothing nada slich.  Why???? Also Optus is the provider for this hospital so????  There is no excuse for there not to be excellent receptition anywhere in a city the size of Townsville.  Luckly enough I just work at the hospital, I feel for the people who are trying to contact loved ones while they are here.  Very pathetic Optus up your game and no I do not feel I should go buy a booster simply to run a mobile phone,  I am paying Optus to provide the service they said they could.  Optus you need to improve.


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RetiredModerator Steph_C

Re: Mobile & Network coverage

Really sorry about all the trouble you've had with reception @pure63. What type of handset are you using? If you have access to Wi-Fi you may be able to use Wi-Fi calling in areas of low coverage.

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