Mobile Hotspot and Tethering have Abysmal speeds.




Recently i have been tethering data from my mobile phone to PC and having issues.


My device is a Samsung Note 9, purchased in December with an Optus SIM and 50GB of monthly data. Recently i had problems where my data speed even though 4G, 3 bars and "Great" on coverage map however my mobile speeds were less than 300kb/s, this issue ended up being resolved as an issue with a tower.


Now i am facing a new issue, my home broadband is with Telstra and we still run ADSL2+ with slow speeds and bad connection, thus i often switch to mobile data to do little downloads or play video games. However the speeds and connection on hotspot are abysmal. Heres are some results;


Using discord and steam as a basis of what happens to my internet when i hotspot;


Hotspot connected, only discord open - 30 MS, no packet loss, down = 1.5mb/s

Hotspot connected, discord open and steam open - 500 MS, no packet loss, down = 250kb/s

Hotspot connected, discord open, steam downloading - 5000-20000 MS, no packet loss, down = 50kb/s

Hotspot connected, discord open, watching video - 500-8000 MS, no packet loss, down = 250kb/s (360p maximum)


So does tethering and hotspot get throttled if you intend to use it to download on the PC?


Some things i will already answer for you

- It happens at all times of the day and only when tethered.

- the distance or spot of the phone does not change anything.

- The PC is fine as it picks up wifi and hotspots from all other sources and downloads at their respected speeds.

- The speeds on the phone do not drop when using the same applications on the phone.

- I have done a hardware and compatability checks on the PC's wireless attenna and it is both compatible and working.

- Telstra works fine.




Re: Mobile Hotspot and Tethering have Abysmal speeds.


Optus do not "throttle" which seems to be a word wildly thrown around.


Whilst the Samsung S9 is a CAT18 device, it's possible the site your service is hanging off is either too busy or struggling to keep up and hence is downgrading the amount of capacity your device is using. To allow the capacity to be fairly shared around everyone else.


As you do more, and the connection reaches its limit, you'll see your speed deteriorate, your pings climb and packet loss take over because there simply isn't enough space to do everything you want to do. This happens with DSL, NBN etc etc...

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Re: Mobile Hotspot and Tethering have Abysmal speeds.


I'm having issues with hotspot speeds too. 

Two different phones, post paid, connect to Android tablet, Linux and windows 10

No difference. All abysmal.. Around 2mbps. 

Is this the best you can do on optus? 

Re: Mobile Hotspot and Tethering have Abysmal speeds.


Same issue.  Teethering from iphone xs. Always breaks connection. Be it netflix or any other streaming app played from my tv the connection drops after 5-10 mins working.  Stuck with 2 years contract , paying 150$ pm for this service. 200gb of useless quota. Not fare. It’s definitely some bot disconnecting me after looking at my streaming usage. 

Re: Mobile Hotspot and Tethering have Abysmal speeds.


I also have this issue on iPhone XS Max.
Getting 100+mbp/s on my phone but hotspot speeds are only about 6-8/mbp/s. And constantly drops out.

Re: Mobile Hotspot and Tethering have Abysmal speeds.


Hi Aniket 7 and LukePYoung,

Disappointing to hear you're not able to enjoy tethering the way you want to and are having trouble.

As touched on earlier in this thread there can be many factors, some of which are mentioned here: Slow Speeds/Dropouts: Mobile Internet Troubleshooting

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