Mobile Coverage in Brighton South Australia???


Hi Team,


I'm curious to gain a better understanding of why the mobile coverage is so poor in Brighton, South Australia. Checked coverage and indoor/outdoor is either good or great for internet, email, voice & text, yet both my wife and I only see 3G coverage and maybe one bar 4G at times. Did a tower check as well and there seems to a number of towers in and around the region, so coverage shouldn't be a problem, unless we're in a black spot?


Any ideas or recommendations?





Re: Mobile Coverage in Brighton South Australia???


There are so many things that alter coverage, starting with the type of handset. 

Other issues include the fact that people often run illegal/incorrectly configured transmitters that cause interference. For example I have direct line of site to the tower that services me, I get 1 bar of 4G or 3 bars of 3G and poor call quality/drop outs/slow data. And Optus has admitted they have a black spot here due to interference.

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