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Loss of TDD-2300 after tower maintenance/upgrade

I have an Optus branded Huawei E5786s-63a WiFi modem on an Optus 4G plan. I originally got this device because of its ability to have CA on the TDD-2300 Optus spectrum. I have been using external antennas indoors and was getting about 4-5/5 bars CELL_ID 44134162 PCI40 RSRQ -9db RSRP -83dBm RSSI -57dBm SINR 8-10db (so pretty damn good signal strength!). I'm about 100-150 metres away from my tower (31°54'26.4"S 115°50'19.6"E).


All was going well until about 2 weeks ago where I noticed a significant slowdown in my speeds (from 30mbps down to about 2-6mbps). I noted that my local tower was undergoing maintenance/upgrade to 4G. At the time, the modem was connecting to Band 3 FDD-1800 and only getting 1-2 bars. I thought at the time the local tower was disabled for maintenance and I was still managing to get 5 bars on 3G so I've stuck to it.


Since then however, I've noted that even after the local tower has "no issues reported", I'm still connecting to 4G via Band 3 with only 1-2 bars CELL_ID 27264266 RSRQ -15dB RSRP -73dbm RSSI >=-51dBm SINR -4dB despite having external antennas and power cycling my modem. Given it's only 1-2 bars, that's more like it's connecting to another tower than the closest one. I'm also unable to have carrier aggregation on this band.

I decided to also check up on my phone, and previously was able to access B40 (TDD-2300) within my house, but now it's only connecting to B3 (FDD-1800) via LTE.


Has the TDD-2300 spectrum been disabled for my account or specific users? Otherwise, is there something wrong with my local tower since I can no longer access that frequency and I'm only getting 1-2 bars from the FDD-1800 spectrum despite having originally 4-5 bars indoors and much poorer speeds (e.g. 10mbps down at best and 1-4mbps during congested periods) i.e. am I connecting to a tower further away such as 31°54'24.4"S 115°49'39.5"E?


I've used chat support twice with no success. My 4G has been reset multiple times. I've factory resetted my device, reinserted my SIM card, rebooted countless times. No luck.


Either something was misconfigured on the tower maintenance, else 2x devices that previously could connect to B40 with 3-5 bars are borked (which I find unlikely).

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Re: Loss of TDD-2300 after tower maintenance/upgrade

It could be that after changes were made 1800Mhz signal became the dominant over 2300Mhz (which is normal anyway).


The device is able to be band locked - I have the same device and if you search in google for the following it should bring up the process.

"e5186 band lock"


The e5186 is a huawei 4g router, but most of the huawei devices can be band locked using that process.

My 5786 is locked to 2300Mhz and gets a solid signal from ~4Km line of site away from home (its stuck to a window using a soap dish with suckers - pretty smart i thought!)

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