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Hi guys. I’m on the $160 plan which includes 1.5g of data to use out of Australia. I recently went overseas and received a text saying I’m at 50% of my data, when I tried to check my data usage on the app it kept saying something along the lines of there has been an error and someone was looking into it. Fast forward I received another text saying I’ve reached my limit, instantly another text saying I owe $113. I immediately switched off roaming and called Optus once I got home. I was told nothing could be done until I received the bill. I waited patiently and got the bill today, I rang again and was told there’s still nothing they can do and that they don’t have to send me warning texts about data unless I’m in Australia. He also said I can open a case but I used the data so basically don’t bother it will get cancelled. I’m a great customer and this is super disappointing. Yes I used the data but I used it unknowingly over the limit, since the app was unable to give me info and I received no texts. Do I have any leg to stand on? 


Re: International roaming charges


Hey @Meshica - We should be sending out usage alerts whilst overseas, as well as have the information available via the app for you. Terribly sorry that this wasn't the case. I'd like to look into this for you, can you please private message me with your mobile number, full name and DOB? 

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