International roaming - account down / technical difficulties


Hey there,


I'm overseas and used the 'My Optus' app to deactivate international roaming nearly 12 hours ago.... the order is "still being processed". 


When I log into my account via my browser to check the settings, I get an error message saying the site is down due to technical difficulties.


Unfortunately (and convenient for Optus!), you don't receive an order tracking number using the app, so you can't actually track it. 


Because the order is still being processed, I can't even purchase an international roaming pre paid plan (I would be happy to do this in the meantime to avoid excess charges!).


Is anyone else experiencing this issue?!

Re: International roaming - account down / technical difficulties


Hi @mw86


I'm sorry to hear you've had trouble de-activating your roaming. While roaming you're only charged for usage made on the phone. This means if you have submitted a request to turn off roaming you may also put your phone on aeroplane mode or switch the mobile data off and avoid making calls. You will only receive excess charges if the phone is used. If you're still unsure of whether roaming is off, please feel free to send us a private message with your phone number, full name and date of birth as we would be more than happy to ensure it's switched off for you Smiley Happy 

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