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International dialling.


Twice today i have been on to tech and asked about international dialling numbers and have my number checked out to be able to receive a call from o/seas.My information is that they cant get my number to answer.I have their number and I cant get throught to them so I want some immediate help if possible.


Re: International dialling.


Sorry your post doesn’t make much sense?


are you saying people overseas can’t call you in Australia?

or you can’t call out internationally?


do they or you get an error message? 


Have you called tech support on 133937 as social media teams don’t have fault access.

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Re: International dialling.


Sorry for the confusion over my post.I was given 2 different numbers to send o/seas so they could ring me.I didnt look to carefully at the numbers with the result 0/seas couldn"t contact me. One number was 6 and then my number and the other was 61 then my number.I now find it ia 1823 0011 61 7 then my number.I eventually got through. Sorry about the confusion but it took ages to contact.

My phones were checked out for o/seas calling and they were both active.

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