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Identity theft ported out my number to telstra and optus allowed it

Optus allowed my mobile number to be ported out to telstra by an identity theft!! I was on the phone informing them it is not me while the porting is just starting, they did not do anything. Now i lost my email account, social media, one bank account. Been in touch with telstra since thursday and they are guiding me. Optus till now dont so anything. Not even update of what is happening. Does anyone know what should i do?

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Re: Identity theft ported out my number to telstra and optus allowed it

Unfortuantely there is nothing that can be doen to prevent this from happening.

ACMA (aus gov) set the rules that have to be followed for porting of mobile services.

Telcos cannot add any further steps to this process as they all have to comply with the ACMA rules for portability of mobiles.


Porting is normally an automated process and only requires human intervention of things such as name mismatch.

The service now belongs to Telstra and besides requesting the service to be moved back to Optus form Telstra their is very little that can be done.


Please make sure you contact your bank and any other service that uses sms verification - e.g. paypal

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