Huawei E3372 Device update - not locking higher bands


Hi all,

I have a Huawei E3372 that recently updated, maybe the middle of may 2018? And I'm noticing that it doesn't connect automatically to higher bands.

For example before the update, it would connect to 4G 2100Mhz (B1) but after the update it is defaulting to 4G 1800 Mhz (B3)


I have to force it to go to 2100Mhz using a program but it seems its a bug in the updated software? The download speed is about 30Mbps less!




Installed firmware

Software version:22.329.63.00.74
Web UI version:

Re: Huawei E3372 Device update - not locking higher bands


I think you will find, this is not the device and the Optus Network.  Optus priotise the LTE band your device connects too, you have over-ride this by band locking, but usually the Optus Network will deliver you a band preference based on device. All carriers do this, in a way to load balance on the Cell's to make sure the best speeds are obtained on the network.  For example, people closer to the cells will get pushed to higher bands, to free up space on lower bands for people who are further away e.g B3 vs B28.

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